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BOOKA Trad Band for that real Irish flavour at your next event.!

no-5-audionetworks_traditionalband9Traditional Irish musicians have a timeless appeal and are perfect for almost any type of event.

By far the most sought after type of music for corporate events in Ireland is Traditional, it just slots in with ease and guests love it. We are not talking ballads here, we mean modern songs played in a traditional style by Irish musicians. We find that combination a real winner as your guests will recognize the songs being performed and it adds a modern feel to the proceedings. Continue reading BOOKA Trad Band for that real Irish flavour at your next event.!

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Book a Trad Band Today Online

no-4-molly-maguires_irish-wedding-bandsBOOKA Trad Band alows you discover brilliant live traditional Irish band’s who know their stuff about vibrant trad music. Best of all, you can book your perfect trad act right here, right now, without having to finalise matters via lengthy emails or phone calls, providing a stress free booking process. Of course from our end, we will take care of all the finer details, so you needn’t worry about a thing.

Our musicians are carefully selected from the cream of Irish Talents and they are experts in performing and have all been professionally trained as well as having gathered plenty experience over their years of LIVE shows, Corporate Gigs and Wedding Celebrations. One very important factor lies within the fact that our singers adore Trad music themselves and harbour a genuine interest for the music genre and style, which comes across during their performance. You can tell they don’t do it for the money, but have fun performing for and with you. Continue reading Book a Trad Band Today Online