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Irish Folk Bands: Whiskey In The Jar Coming To Your Party In 2017

irish folk bandFor better or worse, Irish Folk Music (also known as Trad) is well known today throughout the world. It is a prolific oral tradition which has captured the attention (and the hearts) of listeners everywhere.

While we can't say for sure when exactly it became an international phenomenon, the general consensus is that worldwide recognition of Trad Music was gained in the past 2-3 decades. Irish Folk Bands started to pop up in more and more places, raising awareness about the culture and history of our country.

War songs, anti war songs, love ballads, songs about voyages, about life and unfair death, about bravery and manhood, about loss and cheerful drunken celebration... there are Irish songs about them all.

Irish Folk Bands for Hire

Book an Irish Trad Band today with prices starting at 249 EUR and delight your guests with proper Trad Music performed by immensely talented musicians with a passion for their trade. If Jazz Bands for hire are not what you're after, then you should definitely consider a Folk Band!

Bring back in a modern setting the joy of:

  • The Fiddle. The rest of the world might call it a violin, but mastering the fiddle is key when trying to generate high-pitched, expressive, fast upbeat Irish Folk.
  • The Irish Flute. Small piece of wood producing a pure mellow sound, completely unique to Ireland. Many other cultures use flutes... but not like this one.
  • The Celtic Harp. Remember the generic depiction of an angel as a small winged baby with a harp in his arms? That's an Irish harp.
  • The Uilleann Pipes, the Tin Whistle, and of course the Bodhran. While you may not want all these instruments to be played at the same time, each one of them captures the essence of trad music and is meant to be enjoyed in the company of people you care about.

What Size Should My Folk Band Be?

2-piece Irish Bands should be more than adequate in most informal scenarios. Birthday Parties, Seasonal Events, Milestone Celebrations within your company, and much more.

A Trad Trio or Folk Quartet would be ideal for Wedding Receptions and other events where you expect a large number of guests, and would also suit formal events such as PR Launches and Corporate Events.

A Trad Solo, colloquially known as "a lad with a fiddle" can also satisfy your guests' appetite for Irish Folk Music, especially in the case of small private parties, and the affordability of such an entertainment option makes it ideal for one's retirement party, an anniversary, or just a long night of drinking with your mates.

Irish Folk Bands

Traditional Irish Bands
Irish Folk Bands for hire to play at your upcoming wedding or corporate event. Can be booked in all the counties of Ireland.
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