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The Wedding Proposal – Getting engaged to the sound of live music!

The holidays are almost here, this is prime time for an unforgettable proposal. If you are looking to ask your better half to spend the rest of their life with you, the holidays is the season to be jolly! Have a merry Christmas turn into a merry engagement by combining the time of the year for comfort food, time spent with loved ones and the so awaited gifts, with one of the most important questions you would ever ask someone.

Whether you are planning for a very public wedding proposal, or a intimate one, the way you execute it will be remembered for years to come - so make sure you do it with a bang!

Here at Booka we believe that music should be present at all major life events, this is most certainly one of those occasions. What would be most memorable than having a musician play your song while you propose to your loved one?

Over the years we've helped lots of couple get engaged and married, so we are sure that our musicians would be delighted to surprise your better half with a song that has meaning to you both.


Can we prepare the act as a surprise?

Our music ensembles are fully prepared to jump out of a bush to make your proposal unforgettable, maybe not out of a bush but you get my point! We fully customize their performance to fit your requirements, when it comes to these life events the outcome needs reflect you as couple.

Do the bands accept song requests?

As previously said the musicians are very obliging when it comes to weddings and proposals, so if they have the correct instruments to play your song they will most certainly learn it for you!

What size bands do you have available?

The bands size can go from a 1 piece to 5/6 piece depending on your requirements and the date's availability. Once you decide the size of the band you want to go with we will select the best musicians available.

Does the band provide all equipment?

The band will provide all equipment necessary, they are fully prepared with a small PA and mic (if necessary). You just need to show up on the day!

How do I book?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Your musicians are one click away with our online booking system, we would just advise you to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Our Musicians are all experienced professionals so their calendars are most of the time pretty full, we hand pick and vet all performers to make sure you get only the best of the best.

To secure your booking you will have to pay a 10% only deposit this gives you the safety to know that your big question is covered with some incredible music.

Check out this simple video below on how it works, click & book in 60 seconds:

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Traditional Irish Band – The perfect music entertainment for any event

We’ve noticed a massive jump in trad band popularity in recent years. From wedding bands and drinks receptions, corporate event entertainment, birthday party bands and everything in-between, the Irish trad band is making a massive comeback!

It goes without saying that traditional Irish music is renowned world wide and there’s a very good reason for it. The warm and welcoming atmosphere it creates is second to none, and goes hand in hand with our infamous “Cead Mile Failte”

The combination of traditional instruments and passionate musicians brings a warm  and inviting energy that gets everyone in the room involved in the music and craic. Whether your guests are avid trad fans, or just visitors looking to soak up some genuine Irish musical culture, booking a trad band is sure to leave a long lasting impression.
From ballads to jigs and reels, every single one of our trad musicians and bands have extensive playlists and repertoires, ready to go for any occasion.


How many musicians will be in the band I book?

That is completely up to you. Depending on the number of guests you are expecting, you can have anything from a duo, trio, all the way up to a 6 or 7 piece band.

Will the band take song requests?

Yes absolutely. All of our musicians are true professionals, and if you have any song requests we recommend giving us as much notice as possible to give the band plenty of time to learn your songs.

How long will the band play for?

Your trad band will play for up to 2 hours. However if you need music for longer we can always build you a package, negotiate a fee with the musicians or even workout a break in the middle of the set.

Can the band perform at church ceremonies?

The band can play at any stage of your event or wedding, the setlist would be totally customizable to your event of course.

Can the band source irish dancers?

We can completely look into adding Irish Dancers to part of the act if that is your vision. This two acts work together perfectly, the Irish Dancers can add more interactivity to the beginning of the set.

Can the band perform at church ceremonies?

The band can play at any stage of your event or wedding, the setlist would be totally customizable to your event of course.

Check out below a tutorial on how to book your entertainment entirely online, as quick and easy as a click!

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Irish Folk Bands: Whiskey In The Jar Coming To Your Party In 2017

irish folk bandFor better or worse, Irish Folk Music (also known as Trad) is well known today throughout the world. It is a prolific oral tradition which has captured the attention (and the hearts) of listeners everywhere.

While we can't say for sure when exactly it became an international phenomenon, the general consensus is that worldwide recognition of Trad Music was gained in the past 2-3 decades. Irish Folk Bands started to pop up in more and more places, raising awareness about the culture and history of our country.

War songs, anti war songs, love ballads, songs about voyages, about life and unfair death, about bravery and manhood, about loss and cheerful drunken celebration... there are Irish songs about them all.

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BOOKA Trad Band for that real Irish flavour at your next event.!

no-5-audionetworks_traditionalband9Traditional Irish musicians have a timeless appeal and are perfect for almost any type of event.

By far the most sought after type of music for corporate events in Ireland is Traditional, it just slots in with ease and guests love it. We are not talking ballads here, we mean modern songs played in a traditional style by Irish musicians. We find that combination a real winner as your guests will recognize the songs being performed and it adds a modern feel to the proceedings. Continue reading BOOKA Trad Band for that real Irish flavour at your next event.!

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Book a Trad Band Today Online

no-4-molly-maguires_irish-wedding-bandsBOOKA Trad Band alows you discover brilliant live traditional Irish band’s who know their stuff about vibrant trad music. Best of all, you can book your perfect trad act right here, right now, without having to finalise matters via lengthy emails or phone calls, providing a stress free booking process. Of course from our end, we will take care of all the finer details, so you needn’t worry about a thing.

Our musicians are carefully selected from the cream of Irish Talents and they are experts in performing and have all been professionally trained as well as having gathered plenty experience over their years of LIVE shows, Corporate Gigs and Wedding Celebrations. One very important factor lies within the fact that our singers adore Trad music themselves and harbour a genuine interest for the music genre and style, which comes across during their performance. You can tell they don’t do it for the money, but have fun performing for and with you. Continue reading Book a Trad Band Today Online